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Anhui Minsheng Information Corp., founded in 1993, located in Hefei high-tech development zone, covers more than 65,000 square meters, has 20 million of registered capital. Our company is committed to developing advanced photovoltaic, transmission of SDH, intelligent building system integration, public security and emergency command.
People-oriented science and technology, and intelligence to create the core values. Since its establishment, the company holds the operation concepts of human-oriented, owns a group of professionals organized within a technical engineering team. The company has got several states patents, which are all its own independent knowledge property rights. Meanwhile, it is the high-tech enterprises which has the special qualifications of the security system integration.
Minsheng is a leading high-tech enterprise in developing system integration, such as intelligent building and transportation, communication, public security. The system integration has been widely used in government agency, gymnasiums and stadiums, civil buildings, factories and mines, banks and transportation such as highway, urban traffic, airport, harbor and so on. Based on strong technical strength and perfect service system, our company has carved out foreign markets successfully in 2005. Till now, Minsheng has completed weak construction projects in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, which has been welcomed by customers.
According to our vision statement"based on honesty, seek truth and innovation", all employees of Minsheng are working hard and forging ahead. We aim to provide our users worldwide exclusive projects, best solutions and service.


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Link: Anhui Yunyi Aviation Technology Co.,Ltd.
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address:529 West Wangjiang Road, Hefei, Anhui 230088, China
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